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Satisfied Clients

What people have to say about Dr. Rathi's world-class services.


"I was very conscious of my smile earlier, until I got my teeth done with Dr. Vimal Rathi. I am much more confident about my smile now and can’t stop smiling. The ambience at Dr. Rathi’s Cosmetic Dental Clinic is very relaxing and soothing."

— Mrs. Vimala Saboo
(President, All India Maheshwari Mahila Mandal)

"Dentistry with latest gizmos. Dr. Vimal Rathi keeps himself updated with all the latest techniques and equipment. His advice helped me and my family stay away from dental ailments. His clinic has soft music playing in the background and lovely fragrance. It feels like a collaboration of spa and dentistry. A most professional service I’ve come across so far. Thank you! "

— Mr. Ashok Sarda


"After having a poor experience and re-occurring dental problems with my previous dentist, a friend recommended Dr. Vimal Rathi. I began to visit him and “WOW, what a difference!!” was my first reaction. I continued visiting him and have recommended all family and friends to visit him at least once to know and experience how good he is. He has always been very helpful, professional, honest, easily accessible and very reasonably priced."

— Mr. Ritesh Gupta, Mumbai

"It gives me immense joy to write few words on the very talented Dr. Vimal Rathi. I was never happy with my teeth and smile but today I am extremely delighted. Now I have perfectly straight and white teeth and I love my smile. The ambience at Dr. Rathi's Cosmetic Dental Clinic is very relaxing and comfortable and the doctor and the staff were always friendly and welcoming. The outcome of my treatment definitely fulfills my expectation."

— Miss Devyani, Mumbai


"I was very scared of visiting a dentist and dental treatments but after visiting Dr. Vimal Rathi at Dr. Rathi's Cosmetic Dental Clinic, my phobia is gone. Now I am very satisfied and relaxed. He is a great dentist and a very good friend now. Thank you for everything, Dr. Rathi."

— Mr. Gerald Mottl, Austria

"I had visited many dentists earlier but was never satisfied with the treatments. I was in pain for a very long but my pain has gone after visiting Dr. Vimal Rathi. He is extremely talented and affordable. He knows his work perfectly and how to satisfy his clients. It is because of Dr. Rathi I have a perfect smile now. Thank you Dr. Vimal Rathi."

— Hannes Mottl, Austria

"A place where dentistry is at its ease, quick, painless, professional and long lasting. Great service, excellent care and absolute value for money. Thank you doc."

— Mr. Tejas Javeri, USA

"Perfect diagnosis , perfect treatment ... an absolute perfectionist. My visit to India was worthwhile. Thanks a lot doctor."

— Mr. Manish Sheth, UK